Some MP3 songs for you to download:

China In Your Hand  (recorded at the Diana Memorial Concert on 27.7.1998) 48Kbit/s 4:00 min 1,37MB

Heart and Soul  (recorded at "Surprise, Surprise")  48Kbit/s 2:47 min 0,97MB

Make Love To Me  (unplugged version)  40Kbit/s 3:38 min 1MB

One Direction (live) (recorded in Cardiff on 04.10.1991)  48 Kbit/s 4:02 min  1,4MB

Soul Destruction (live) (recorded in Cardiff on 04.10.1991)  48Kbit/s 5:24 min  1,84MB

Valentine (live) (recorded at Cardiff on 04.10.1991)  48Kbit/s 5:40 min  1,9MB

And some clips:

China In Your Hand and Superstar (recorded from Hit Me Baby One More Time from 16.04.2005; Thanks a lot to Stuart!) 90,3 MB

China In Your Hand (recorded from Hit Me Baby One More Time from 21.05.2005; Thanks again to Stuart!) 50,6 MB