Carol back on stage

At the moment TīPau are touring around the U.K. I was lucky enough to visit 3 concerts, to take some photos and have a lot of fun. The tour has the same name as new album, "RED". They play typical T'Pau live songs and nearly all the new stuff. I don't want to tell you which songs they play because it is better for you to be surprised. I visited the gigs in Cardiff, Derby and Ipswich on 3 following dates !
Anybody who knows where these places are will know that there is a large distance between the towns and that it is very hard to travel between them and be awake for the concert. I regret no minute of it though and I can just tell you to move your ass to the next gig if it is possible for you!
After the concerts you can buy different stuff like tour-posters &
T-Shirts. They also have the last few copies of "Heart And Soul 97" and
of course the new CD, "RED", which can be signed by Carol after the concert. I met her for the first time and she was very friendly and had some nice words for all the fans.

Lots of love back to you, Carol!

I want to say thanks for making this tourcorner possible to: The hole TīPau crew for photographing, Simon for his friendly help, Alan Johnson for review and of course my husband and mother-in-law for keeping an eye on the children!

Collage from the gig in Germany(Frankenberg)

Photos from the Jazz Cafe

Support Band

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The TīPau crew

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Derby photos

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Review by Alan Johnson

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